Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Prince Avarice Grabs His Daddy's LOOT!

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King Authrock thinks, β€œI don't owe 'ris' a sock
Why I oughta' give him a kick in bop schlock
But true charity means: to let loved-ones be
for β€˜If you love someone you must set them free’”

So King stands up, weeping, β€œTake half my kingdom
Maybe mad money will break your delirium”

Avarice sits slouching, rude, drunk, puke sick
"Fetch my wealth, Daddy - pig! Scrape it! Quick!"

Out run work servants hands barrel bag trunkets
Silver by truckloads, Doubloons by boon buckets
Deeds to King's lands, houses, chattels, stock, castles
Clothes boasting gold zippers, diamond-laced tassles

Finally grunts load yum last looty-good-booty
Avarice spins 'round barking shouts super-snooty:

β€œGood riddance, King, Queen, Hasmonia too
I'll stomp the world, like I conquered YOU!”