Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Bon VOYAGE! Avarice & Gang Storm The World!

1033 Characters =~1Min. Reading Time
Avarice buys big ship and gem giant Jalope
Dum' Thugglies and slubberly girlies run hopping

They sail off to Greece, to Italia, Bink, Thebes
Germania, San Pedro, the Isle of Saint Dweebes
Morocco, Swahili, Israeli, Bombay
Calcutta, Cape Cod, Albukerkie, York, Spain

Dem' Thugglies all cheer β€œ2,4,6 and 8
Avarice is the Thugguly we 'preciate
We really love Avarice, not just his money-
He's every boy's buddy; he's every girl's honey”

Thugs sail to Cape Horn where jump Afrimanns dance
Avarice drunks bamboo juice, wettens his pants
(Thugs drive their Jalope all through the Sahara
'til the engine explodes in the hot desert weatha')

Thugs fly on a flybird to HulaHuLoo
They swiggle pig sway like yum hulahoo crew
Thugs take whoosh fast train to Bermuda for fishing
And snorkle snort swimming and sickening pishing

Then off to Arabia seeking the carpet-
The magic one - Avarice finds it, he boughts it
Thugs ride whish wind on a magical flight
So close to spark stars they lip kiss stars goodnight