Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Avarice's Friends Beat & Abandon Him Broke

796 Characters =~0.8Min. Reading Time
Thugs laugh-yak, girls sing ... and they never once worry...
'Til they run out of gas in Pougkipsee, Missouri

Starvling gut thirstling from wastling walk gasping
Thugs search out a truck stop for eaty poop gassing
Thugs order hamburglers, ice cream, sweet coke-
'Til Avarice blurts with a gasp - β€œFriends, I'm broke!”

His β€˜friends” answer, β€œAvarice, you must be jokin'”
Avarice says, "Not..."
So they jump him, punch, CHOKE him
"Why'd you drag us out here to Missouri?!"-
Glum girls cry scream boo 'til their vision turns blurry

'Thugs beat him that night 'bout the head, neck, chest, shoulders
They kick, ditch, crush, pelt him with pebble stone boulders,
They pool every cent they embezz'ed from the jerk
They hop a bird home...
Avarice bleeds in the dirt...