Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

The Town Brands Avarice ‘Prince of Fools’

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Avarice awakes in the ditch the next moonday,
Hangry, mad, dizzy, blood-battered blue bruisedy
Seeing he needs serious doct'ry quick nurs'ry
He wobble-bobbles back into Poughkipsee

He cries, “Peasants, serve me! I know you can see
My royal credentials, my rich pedigree
I'm Avarice The Lion, son of Authrock The Fine
Heir to gem crown of Hasmonia, you swine!”

"Hasmonia!", they laugh, “Why it sounds to me
Like this punk's been smoking wick wackety weed!
He thinks he's big Prince, but it's clear, he's fat fake
From dum' thuggardly look on his uggardly face

He's nothing but trouble, repair bills, pee-grief
Poughkipsee has num need for this pithly thief!"