Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Prince Takes A Job As PIG BOY

1205 Characters =~1.2Min. Reading Time
So Prince limps down dust road,
Sees grot farmer named Rooflus
(fat, bald, sweaty stink
dirty rot toothless)
Who barks, β€œYou gon' feed all me' pigglies, you dooflus!”

So Avarice sleeps in grak barn in Missouri
Where roachies bugs rats bats
reegreechies scram-scurry
So dark, wet, cold
in bunk yuck mucky storm
Prince huggles hot hogs
in sad mud to keep warm

Then up with ouch sunrise
Ol' Rooflus runs screaming

How Avarice hates to wake up ugly day
For he dreams his soft pillow bed...
...home, far away.

Rooflus swabbuts his sluggardly-stick
Avarice jumps bucket of schloppettyschlick,
Full of sloopage bum scumdredge
junk leftover lardy,
rotten vomatoe blurp,
chunkies bloof barfy

He growlie deep hungry
vum tummy blagurgles
When him spies yum bitey meat
uneaten burgle
Floating bloop flout
in wet schloppetyschlick
But Rooflus screams, β€œDON'T EAT! NOT ONE PIDDLE BIT!

For hogs need yum eat;
hogs plum useful top tasty
But Avarice' gum useless;
He stoogid bum lazy”

So Avarice reigns
As sick Prince of thick swine
Smart swine cut in line
So thin prince never dines!