Screenplay ~~- Prince Avarice!

Prince Avarice, The Prodigal Son, Repents

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Then slowly, sneaking like tiger-surprise
bright light peeky sprouts behind Avarice' eyes
'til one day he spies his sick skin sores. He says,
"If I lodge with grot hogs, skip-a-blip I'll be DEAD!

The servants grunt work for my Dad eat like Kings
Yet all I sweet eat is regreechichie pig squings
Green moldy old swatches glock schlochettyschlick
Stuck where slick piggelet's tongues couldn't lick

So I'll hike back to Father; I'll beg him odd jobs
'cause I've got experience slopping grog hogs!

Of course Dad won't let me back sleep in swank house
Since I spent all Dad's money out playing grout louse
I'm no longer worthy to reign a King's son
But I'm tops in farm barn - I can make big job done!