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Why 666 is the number of MAN

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Early humans are by some reports said to have averaged 66 inches in height.

Average height of all humans (male and female) is 66 inches.

The number 666 denotes imperfection and human inability to attain to the perfect and divine number seven (or to attain even to the blessed sabbath number of seven hundred and seventy-seven). Cf. Gen. 5:28-32, esp. v. 31.
As such, '666' represents a trinity of evil (cf. Rev .13:18 with 16:13),
and embraces the sum-total of all godless human achievement, the synthesis of false and pagan politics to try to save the World by man's efforts (as in Islam, Romanism, and Modern Humanism such as in the World Council of Churches and the United Nations Organization.)
You will find 666 in statutes such as USC 42 666, which reject the God-ordained separation between Church and the worldly state, repudiating their need to be subjugated, under God, to His [Hebrew] Law.
Cf. Mauro's Man's Day (1908), and also his book The Number of Man (1910) both published in London by Marshall, Morgan & Scott.