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'God' is the Name of a Pagan God, So Why Say 'Gawd?'

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"GOD" is the modern way to write the Hebrew name of the pagan diety, 'GAAD,' pronounced GAWD (God)!

In Isaiah 65:11 YHWH warns backslidden Israel,
you have forsaken YHWH, ... for 'GAAD.'

So Israel has a recorded history of having left Yahweh in favor of a deity whose personal name was 'GOD' in 721 B.C.

A primary meaning of the word 'GAAD' (Gawd) is: 'God of Forces', literally 'troop.'
Therefore 'GAAD' is in the King James Bible sometimes translated 'troop.'
Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Support the Troops!'

The name 'GAAD' (Gawd) is also often translated 'Fortune.'
As in when your troops enlist the help of 'GAWD' to invade and conquer your enemies, you could make a β€˜Fortune,’ in modern terms: β€œPlunder", β€œBooty", β€œGagne” aka "Gain."

The Hebrew name "God" thus represents the two things which people worship:
  • and POWER.

  • Now you know the double-meaning of the inscription on the molten idols (coins) and graven images (paper money):

    So, in Hebrew, the word 'God' often refers to a Demon.
    So if you mean "the creator of all, who is Love," why not say, "YHWH" (YAH) or β€œElohim”, or β€œEloah"?

    Using a couple of Hebrew words isn't going to turn you into a Jew and make your foreskin fall off.

    The Strong's Concordance number for GAD is: #1408/1409, (Hebrew letters: gimmel daled), pronounced GAWD.

    Some books say "GOD" comes from the German word for "good."