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The World's Money Is Graven Images & Molten Idols

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Pick up the nearest piece of paper-money you can find; maybe in your wallet.
Look at the face. You'll see the picture of one of the world's leaders (Elohim) engraved (graven) on the face.

Pick a coin out of your pocket. What will you see? The same kind of worldly leader (Elohim), or on an older coin, a false-god such as Mercury, Venus, Ceres, etc. molten, in the form of melted metal.

So you thought that the Biblical commands against molten idols and graven images didn't apply to your wonderful, modern life?
Sure they do; they're right there in your pockets: molten idols and graven images, forbidden by the 2nd commandment.

There will be lots of "6"'s visible as well if you look closely.

If you switch from paper money into gold and silver coins and bars, you will see that almost all of them have 666 (999 rotated) plainly stamped on their face.

Yahshua said to give such coins and bills back to their lawful owner (written on the face of the coin or bill) and deal only in honest weights and balances.

Keep using these graven images and molten images to โ€˜buy and sellโ€™ and you're giving and receiving one type of the Mark of the Beast.

People do worship Money.
Still not convinced?
Drop a shoebox full of 1 dollar bills out of a window onto a crowd of shoppers.
Or scatter a handful of quarters at a carnival.
You'll see the true meaning of โ€˜worship!โ€™
(And trampling deaths.)