NonFiction ~~- Troy and Genie Fight For YOUR Right To Travel

Homeland Security Cops Reveal That Buying and Selling Is The Issue, Not Travel

1979 Characters =~2Min. Reading Time
The Consul General of the D.R. had said a very important remark:
"The Consulate is a COMMERCIAL office.
It is not about Law.
If you want to talk about Law, go to the Embassy in Washington D.C., or go to Aduanas (Customs.)"

So we went to customs, which means the Department of Homeland Security.
Had a meeting with two high-ranking officers of DHS/CBP.
A really nice DHS cop, Officer ____, was very kind and offered to do anything he could to help us.
He offered to put into writing what he and his boss said which was:
"Americans do not need passports to go in and out of the U.S."
We asked, "Will you put that in writing?"
His boss said, "NO."

The officers told us over and over again that Americans do NOT need passports, at all, to leave or return to the U.S.

That's right, DHS and CPB officers confirmed that Americans do NOT need passports, AT ALL.

And the officers said they do not confiscate people's boats or throw people in jail over such documentary issues.

The officers explained the procedure they use routinely to test if someone is an American:
"What are the words to the Star Spangled Banner?
Who's the mayor of Chicago?
What's the number of the Highway that goes through Oklahoma City...

The DHS guys dropped some really critical info.

They pointed out that there is a "business side" and a "Law side" to travel.

They said that from the "Law side" there is no need for any American to use a passport to depart from or enter the U.S.

But the "business side" is hampered by "signatory carrier" agreements.
These agreements bind the carriers.

The DHS officers said that it is much more complicated when you pay for passage on commercial transport.

The DHS officers recommended that we buy a boat or get passage on a friend's boat or a friend's bareboat rental.

This is reflected in the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which clearly states that no passport requirement applies to noncommercial boats.