NonFiction ~~- Troy and Genie Fight For YOUR Right To Travel

Biometric Passport Is one Of The Marks Of The Beast

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The 21st-century passport is a mark of the beast (oath-obtained biometric ID, proving you are surety for debt and a subject of a worldly master) to facilitate your commercial transactions.
You got this mark of the Beast by swearing an oath of allegiance to one of the heads of the Beast (nations.)
Your oath of allegiance binds you to pay for the Beast's wars and to pay off the Beast's debt. (National debts.)
You use your mark (I.D.) to buy and sell within a managed debt-driven marketplace that breaks every rule regarding money ever set by our Father in heaven.

When believers reject that Mark of the beast, it practically impossible for those believers to buy and sell.

When you ride internationally on a commercial airline, what keeps you in the air is not gasoline, but the money you paid for the ticket:
Buying and selling.
Buying a ticket.
We can't buy an international plane ticket because we don't have the mark of the beast.
When you use the mark of the beast in order to buy an airplane ticket, you negate the whole reason for going on your mission, which is:

Our Father commanded you to:

Our mission is to shout from the mountaintops that Yahshua is the King and that these commercial corporations that call themselves "governments" have to act in accordance with Yahshua's commandments or they will be trampled under His feet.
In fact, we have found that the governments themselves are much more likely to know and honor the Law than their subjects, church-going or not.