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Great Grandpa Shoots The Shaggin' Sheriff

Adultery 2158 Characters =~2.2Min. Reading Time
Long ago, in Switzerland, Europeans persecuted the Amish, like people always despise Biblical separatists.
The Amish came across the ocean on boats, like how we sail to Haiti.
The Amish spread across America to live in peace.
Other groups of people followed the Amish.
One group of these new American groups, the Mormons, broke off from American society.
They were very different.
The Mormon men married up to 70 wives!
The Mormons ran a militia bigger than the army of the United States!
The Mormons claimed they were only true church, and that all the other churches were filled with liars.
So Americans got mad.
They killed lots of the Mormons.
So the Mormons fled across the plains of North America, to Utah.

In that group was my Grandpa:
Here he is with his wife, and his other wife, and his OTHER wife!

One of those ladies was my great Grandma:
She had long hair down to her feet.

And they had a little boy, my Grandpa, a wonderful man.
Grandpa worked hard.
But if he got drunk he would fight like a wolf!
Grandpa worked alone high upon the mountain tending sheep with his horse and dogs.

But Grandpa loved his wife.
One day Grandpa wants to kiss and hug and sleep with his wife so bad his heart hurt.

So Grandpa races his horse down the mountain.
Grandpa sees a policeman's horse in front of his door.
Grandpa runs into the house to see if his wife has been hurt by a robber.
But Grandpa hears kissing noises coming from his bedroom.
Grandpa grabs his gun. He throws open his bedroom door.
He sees the Sheriff playing horsey ride with his wife!
The Sheriff grabs his pants. He jumps through the window.
Grandpa grabs his gun, runs shooting after the Sheriff.
Grandpa's wife screams, โ€œNo don't kill my Sheriff! I love him!โ€
{ KA-BOOM! }
Grandpa's wife runs into the hills to hide.