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Top 10 Misconceptions About The Mark Of The Beast

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You think that the mark must be implanted or imprinted in or on your hand or forehead.

Yes, branding technology is soon to be used on almost all humans to complete the superficial, physical aspects of the prophecy. But at its spiritual core the mark is any payment system which you can only enter if you break Biblical commands (such as the command not to swear an oath of allegiance).
The mark has been around for thousands of years.
Historically, the mark does not often involve a tattoo or implant.
The mark has traditionally surfaced as something in your hand, like a credit card or a dollar bill you got from a bank account you obtained under sworn oath, or something in your memory like a social security number or a credit card number.
The Mark is increasingly expressed as oath-obtained biometric identification and biometric payment systems, which convert your face or hand into a globally unique biometric ID number.
With this oath-derived unique biometric ID number, the doors of world trade are fully open to you, since, in theory, you cannot hide and therefore will not commit fraud.

You think you'll be murdered for refusing to use the world's payment system.

But the truth is that many believers will likely only be abandoned and rejected from enjoying the benefits of commerce, left for dead, a literal meaning of the words in Rev 13.

You think everyone who uses โ€˜Markโ€™ will burn forever in conscious anguish in โ€˜hellโ€™.

Using the Mark/Number/Name of the beast will bring down upon you curses, such as sickness and โ€˜darknessโ€™.
However, as we read Rev 14:11, use of the Mark is only one of the factors which will enter into your final judgment.
If you unrepentantly worship of the image of the beast (for instance, habitually obeying evil commands you receive through media or a corrupt government or commercial system) you WILL be destroyed in the eternal fire.

You think this Mark (the world's payment system) is only in the future

The mark has been used, is being used, and will be used.
The Mark โ€˜Is and was and is to comeโ€™.
You only need look at Michaelangelo's paintings of the ancient Roman market slaves on the Cistine chapel ceiling to see their โ€˜Tax-ID Numbersโ€™ (charangma, which means โ€˜Markโ€™) hanging around their necks

You think the Mark will be obvious, that you will know when it's being used

The scripture says that only people with highly extraordinary broad-spectrum wisdom (sophia) will identify the Mark. The whole world is deceived. Worldlings are blind to the fact that the mark has already been in use for thousands of years.

You think that using the Mark is something that others impose upon you against your will

No one is forcing you to use the world's payment system.
You use it because it's convenient and because everyone else you know is doing it.

You Think the world's payment system (Mark) isn't that Evil

Using the world's payment system is wrong because every component of the system violates your Father in Heaven's commands about money:

You imagine that you will be raptured before you have to choose whether to use the Mark to buy or sell

This is a fantasy. The world's payment system is active right now. You have already chosen to use it. Millions of believers have been persecuted and are suffering greatly for refusing to participate in the world's payment system (research Hawala, for instance).
If you choose to follow the Messiah, you will be persecuted. No one escapes suffering in this life.

You think there's no other way to live unless you use the Mark

You can live by dependence on the Father's miracles;
you can band together with other people who refuse the Mark. You can cooperate, as ecclesiastical believers in sketes and monasteries have been doing for thousands of years.
You can also trade in substance, instead of funny money. At least for now.

You think the church or your pastor will warn you when the Mark is put into use

Most pastors and churches LOVE the Mark.
When you show them this truth, they won't leave the world's payment system.
These preachers will ridicule this message as not being โ€˜seminary-approvedโ€™.
These preachers pass the donation plate every week to get MORE marks of the beast.
These churches are filled with false leaders.
5 And Yahshua [said], "Take heed lest any man deceive you:
6 For many people shall come using my name, admitting I am the Christ. They'll deceive billions of people.
15 Beware of false prophets. They'll come to you in sheep's clothing. But inside, they're ravenous wolves...
21 Not every one who says to me, "Lord, Lord," will enter into the kingdom of heaven;
The only people who enter heaven are the people do the will of my Father in heaven.
22 Many people will say to me on judgement day, 'Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy in your name?
In your name we cast out devils! In your name we performed many wonderful works!'
23 Then I'll say to them, 'I never knew you. Get away from me, you criminals.'

The literally damned leaders described above are christianITE church leaders. Their mouths call Jesus โ€˜Lordโ€™.
But their hearts are far from Him.
You have been warned.

Flee the Mark:
Come out of Babylon.
Come out of her, my people.
Never take part in her sins.
Then you'll receive none of her plagues.