NonFiction ~~- Troy and Genie Fight For YOUR Right To Travel

Letter To Amish Bishop re: Biometrics and private boats

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Dear [Bishop's name],

OK, we have talked with a lot of border patrol officials, lawyers, and consuls, and transportation companies.

The indication they are giving us is that the ICAO 9303 Biometric passport and ID standard is going to keep the Amish out of international commercial transportation.

The best explanation we have heard is that the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16-18) is in effect.

Not that Biometric ID is itself the Mark of the Beast:

Basically the most important thing to avoid, because James and Jesus said so, (See Matt 5:33-37 and James 5:12) is any type of oath.

The technology of biometric ID is a problem to be avoided for security reasons.
The oath is the forbidden element.

The Biometric ID is the world's means of determining who is bound by the oaths of allegiance to men, and therefore entitled to men's commercial privileges.

That means that unless you are under oath you cannot reliably buy (and use) commercial transport tickets,
because "Signatory Carrier Agreements" bind the commercial carriers to demand biometric I.D.
And you can only get Biometric passports if you swear an oath, or somehow figure out a way to wiggle around the oath.
Even if you wiggle around the oath, you are still considered to be bound, if you accept the Biometric passport which only offered on statutory condition of oath.

Yes, the demand for you Amish people to carry biometric I.D. is illegal under the laws of the nations and under international treaty.
The Border patrol officers all have confirmed this.
The lawyers have signed papers confirming this.

You could certainly win a case to defend your rights in court, assuming a fair court.
But a fair court is by no means guaranteed.
You know history has shown that national and international tribunals often turn a blind eye to cases of religious persecution.

As I understand it, you would choose to try any route besides courts of Law.

The border patrol officials and lawyers have confirmed that you can travel wherever you want to go, with any or no documents.

But you will have to go in a private boat of your own, or a friend.

The only possible alternative we see is to get letters from the immigration officials controlling each country you will enter or pass through, saying that as far as their country is concerned they are happy to let you through their ports without biometric I.D.

Getting letters from lawyers or judges who know you and can vouch for the lawfulness of your travel will be a great help in getting a boat-owner to take you across the sea.

Love in Christ,
Your brothers