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Where Are We In History? When will be the 2nd Coming?

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Your music is wonderful!
I praise God for what you are doing; I can't wait to hear the other songs.
I have a question for you.
How long do you think it will be until Jesus' return?
I am just curious what you believe and don't worry I am not asking for a date just from your observations on things in the world, Israel and the heavens.
Thanks and Shalom

We believe that prophecy is fulfilled in cycles.
We see great evidence that we are in the final cycle of prophetic history.

We believe that:
Revelation 13:7 was substantially complete by about 1865 A.D. (the end of the U.S. civil war):

By that time the saints were overwhelmed on a global scale.
The saints continue to be overwhelmed to this day.
To participate in commercial society it is necessary to disobey or renounce Christ, either in word, or deed, or both.

Rev 13:16-18 (the mark of the beast) has been in place for about 100 years and is now close to universal fulfillment.

We are currently in a wave, probably the final wave, of the fulfillment of Revelation Chapter 16.

How long it will take to get from chapter 16 to chapter 19:19 (Yahshua's final return) is a matter we often discuss and on which we welcome your insight.

We love you!