Novel ~~- WarSong: Troy's True Life Story

Mom And Dad Get Divorced

Divorce 1283 Characters =~1.3Min. Reading Time
Outside of these pictures, I never remember seeing Dad and Mom together.

I was always with Dad at the hospital or on the motorcycle.

The only time I remember Mom and Dad relating to each other was her screaming on the phone during the divorce.

The "Roaring Lion" devoured my family.

With Dad in Medical school, and Mom far away, I was left alone a lot to get into trouble with bad boys, looking at pictures of naked ladies you shouldn't look at, and skipping school.
One day one of the boys walking home from school and peed all over me.
I ran home crying.
Mom said to Dad on the phone, "I know a boy needs a Dad, but until you graduate and get your medical practice established, why don't you send Troy here to live with me?
You can't really take care of Troy alone while you're trying to finish medical school."

So my beloved Doctor Dad took me on one last Father/Son ride from our home in California through Canada.
That was before the world-bankers illegally decreed that Americans need passports to leave America.

And I flew to live on the Air Force base with Gunship Dad.