NonFiction ~~- The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWriting

Simple, Clear, Honest, Clean (Tolstoy's 7-Year-Old Boy Acid Test)

Communication 1212 Characters =~1.2Min. Reading Time
There is nothing in the world that should not be expressed in such a way that an affectionate seven year old boy can not see and understand it.- Leo Tolstoi

Say exactly what you mean in the simplest, shortest, most vivid way.
Never try to sound erudite by using words like "erudite."

Tell your story or song to 7 year-old boys.

If they stand there staring at you with their mouths hanging open, eyes locked to every word that springs from your lips, then you have a great story / song / concept.

If your idea can't keep the attention of a willing, affectionate 7 year old boy, then there is something wrong with the idea.

If your basic idea is too profane to be explained to a 7 year old boy, then it needs to be re-written with more subtlety.
('Subtle' doesn't mean sanitized and made into prudish religious tripe.)
'Subtle' means cleverly using your talent to write the same 'punch' with less porn and less vulgarity, because vulgarity is the tool of the hack, not the true writer.

Sweet 7 year-old boys have enough teenager, enough grownup, enough child in them to test any story concept.
And 7-year-old boys have longer attention spans than do most millionaire movie producers.