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How to get rid of the Google Chrome 666 Logo

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You may have noticed that logos involving 6 are popping up everywhere in this Post-Christian world.

This is not an accident.

The final pages of the book of the revelation are playing out right before your eyes, with an interconnected global money system symbolized by the 666 logo, a money system in which Google plays a key role.

You probably like me were shocked when you saw the obvious 666 logo of Google Chrome, there to give you fair warning that Google is part of the Beast.

But Chrome is a fast browser.

So how do you keep from staring at the 666 logo all day?

On a mac, you can copy a different logo icon into the 'Get Info' window.

But that icon will revert to Chrome's ol' multicolor 666 after you rebuild privileges, which everybody has to do every once in a while.

The more robust way is to

No more mind-control 666 icon staring at you in your doc all day.

While you're at it, get rid of the Google Software Update.
But beware, if you allow your computer to talk to Google servers, they will put the program back on your computer, constantly running and reporting on you, all without you knowing anything.