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We Are Already In The Tribulation

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In Russia, in the early 20th century, the Communist "government" killed a reported 55 MILLION people, probably most of them Christian farmers.

In the 1940's, Hitler's Germany killed a reported (actual number may have been less) 6 MILLION Jews.

That's just a couple of thousands of examples.

Voice Of The Martyrs has plenty of stats to prove that the tribulation predicted in Revelation 13-17 is well-in-progress.

The Western-hemisphere and Western-europe are asleep to this important fact.

Christians have LONG been persecuted by Atheists, Asians, Muslims, Buddhists, pagans, etc.

Even in christianITE countries like America and Western-Europe, if you obey the clear commands of the Bible (for instance James 5:12) you aren't going to be doing any buying and selling.

Yes, the Tribulation is going to get greater, but we are already in it.

Wake up.