Short Screenplay ~~- The Box: A 1 Minute History of Human Life

The Box: A 1 Minute History of Human Life

3882 Characters =~3.9Min. Reading Time
The Box: Everything important about the history of the human race, and your life, in one minute.

You're the creator.
You make a box, called earth.

Into the box you put 10 little people.
You blow into the people's mouths the breath of life.
CREATOR: "I've given you food, water, breath, everything you need to live."

You put into the box another guy, big, beautiful, handsome, and instantly like-able.
CREATOR: "The 11th guy in the box with you
He's the devil.
He's really really smart.
He's gonna tell you lots of true things.
but the real reason I put him here is to cause you problems.
[people groan]
No, I want you to have problems.
I'm going to watch how you solve the problems.
And you're gonna make me laugh.

When the experiment is over, those who treated others the way they would like to be treated, can come out the box and live forever in a big body kind of like mine.

All the people: "OK."

The DEVIL puts a crown on the head of the most like-able guy, "You're gonna be king of the box."
The Devil gives the biggest guy a gun, "You will be the King's soldier.

A girl picks an orange.
A man takes the orange away.
Then the DEVIL tells the king, "Hey, you can't have thieves here, so kill that man."
The KING tells the soldier, "Hey, that guy is bad, kill him."
So the soldier kills the thief.

A little BOY screams, "You killed my daddy!"
The Devil says, "That's the way of the world. Now we'll never have any more thieves."

The others say, "He IS really smart!"

DEVIL (producing a "couch" and a holographic screen]: "OK guys, sit down here in front of this screen I made, and it'll tell you everything else you need to do."

One lady stands up behind the others, and not liking the filth on the "screen", gets up and walks into the garden.

The devil walks in with a box full of junk food and says to the screen-watchers, "Don't eat that stuff in the garden, eat this. [It's better, it's pasteurized.]"

All the people on the couch eat the junk food.

A girl gets sick, and comes outside to barf.

The nice LADY comforts the girl.
LADY makes a nice bed of banana leaves for the girl to lay down on,
LADY brings the girl food from the garden.
The girl returns to health.

The people in the house start fighting, mimicking the actions on the 'screen.'

The boy [whose dad was killed], crying, runs from the fight out to the garden.

The nice lady takes the boy's hand.
Lady, girl and boy walk through the garden happily, praying, singing.

The devil comes outside with 3 people.
The devil says, "Those fighters are bad. You need to start a church, to teach people how to be civilized and obey my king."
Devil grabs one of the 3 guys who looks like a lemon sucker, and turns to the other two guys.
This will be your preacher.
I'll tell him what to do, then he'll tell you."
Devi whispers in the preacher's ear.
One of the two guys says, "I know, we should go over and help that sick girl and that orphan boy."
The preacher says, "No, that would be works righteousness.
You can't work your way to heaven.
Just go pick fruit.
For every 10 oranges you pick, bring me one.
Then a few times a week, you come sit in front of me and I'll tell you what this smart guy told me about how to get eternal life by accepting salvation as a free gift, using one simple prayer."
The two guys go our and pick fruit, then come back and listen to the preacher.
The two guys kneel down and say the sinner's prayer in front of the preacher while the woman and the children frolic/play educational games/work, and the screen-watchers fight.

All of the people die.

You [the creator] pick up the lady and the boy and the girl, and give them new life in big powerful bodies kind of like yours.

And you dump the devil with the 7 dead guys into your garden where they will fertilize the ground.