Unpublished Screenplay ~~- The Useless Superheros

Cast Of Characters

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Methane Man can see farts.
An arch villain (ala Bill Gates) lobbies the government to make farting in public buildings illegal, and tries to bribe or capture Methane Man to harvest his brain for research to develop a fart-detection system he can sell to the government at inflated monopoly prices.
Methane Man escapes and saves the world when he detects the traces of a methane-based chemical weapons system being aimed at Israel by a madman (ala Saddam.)
The victorious Methane man gets the girl, (and sees her farts).

Brain Sensor can tell how smart people are by sensing the structural integrity of their brains.
He exposes the stupidity of posers in politics, science, education.
He can see faulty pathways & sense the travel of neural impulses to muddled or illogical destinations.

Testosterone Tony can sense the arousal level of people just by looking at them, providing easy pickups and matchmaking for himself and his friends.
He can also tell if a woman is ovulating, then steering his friends toward less dangerous one-night stands.
He goes to work for a womanizing President.