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Great Concept And Storyboard Artists

Art 2285 Characters =~2.3Min. Reading Time
Every writer should know some great illustrators to provide character designs, marketing mock-ups, storyboards, animatics (pre-visualization videos) and picture-book renditions of their work.

Here are some we enjoy:

Dwayne Vance
Future Elements
California, USA
dwayne AT
Great at drawing cars in motion with great brushstrokes indicating motion and energy. Nice color sense.
Tom McGrath
Did a great job on the storyboards of the cat-ninja scene in 'Dogs & Cats.'
Pete RevonkorpiJyväskylä, Finland peterevonkorpi AT
Great simple but dramatic color washes in backgrounds, nice composition, workable simple faces, great moods, immersive feel without too much complexity, very sweet.
Brian HaberlinCalifornia, USA
Master of serious comic and dark fantasy color, light, form, mood, and storyboarding. Can paint very complex scenes.
Andreas RochaLisbon, Portugal, Rocha.andreas AT, http://www.andreasrocha.comFabulous technical skill, color, mood, situation, and design of very artistic high-end matte paintings. Likes mysterious ominous settings.
Nicole Madeline AlesLos Angeles Concept artist. Versatile. definitely good at. Cool, moody, atmospheric settings with bat-man-esque figures and faces.
J. Brandon TrammellFt. Worth conceptartistry.comGraduate of Fort Worth Art Institute, recommended by their career development people. Loves doing faces, does caricatures. Mature, great work ethic.

Dustin Blattner - Scary Skin
Daver Malan Monster
Nicholas Kelly Horned LOTR type character
Kelton kram
Michael Kutsche
Sara Cembalisty
William S
Timothy Tang

Fort Worth Art Institute grad's
Joe Columbus: environment design in 3d, mature, stable, really nice guy, great dad, understands a family's viewing needs, willing to move
Ryan Burgerryanburgerart.comvery good at deadlines and follow-through, uses issuu clip does realistic photoshop munges of animals