Unpublished Screenplay ~~- Infrared


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Two kids come upon the fresh wreckage of a military train.
They steal as much as they can load into their truck, speeding away as they hear cops approaching. They lug the gadgets out to their uncle's cabin. One of the items is an infrared device which allows them to see through walls into their neighbors homes. First just amused,

They see that their neighbors pees into his kitchen sink.
They watch the neighbors having sex in bed.

They come discover the dangerous truth.
They see that one neighbor molests his child;
another beats his wife;
another snorts cocaine.
Of course loads of the men wh*ck off at night in front of their computers.

They begin to use their knowledge to punish the wrongdoers in the community.

The government finds out about their having the device.

The government has been using this tool to blackmail dissidents.

The government tries to kill the boys.

Do they succeed?