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Blunt pulls a trapped string out of the butt of a Haitian orphan

Unhealthy Diet
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Blunt starts to befriend a sweet little orphan toddler he dreams of adopting.
The orphan toddler keeps putting everything off of the ground in its mouth.
Blunt keeps pulling the junk out of the mouth of the toddler.

The toddler eats a string while blunt has turned his back to talk to Teresa.
The next day, out on a walk with Blunt, the toddler poo's on the side of the road.
The toddler starts screaming when the poopy string won't come out of the child's butt.
Blunt has to pull the string out of the toddler's butt.
The string, to Blunt's disgust, fear, and amazement, just keeps coming like a magician's scarf, while Blunt screams at the toddler, "I told you not to eat junk off the floor!"