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The end is near

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Are you ready to die for Truth?
"Christians", are you ready to die for Jesus?

The end is at hand.

The satanically-controlled Global Money System(s) will continue to suck the wealth of the citizens of this planet into the hands of the rich few, and to use that wealth to terrorize the world with unimaginable super-weapons.
Large powers will continue to sell their older weapons down to smaller powers, until the bloodbath of chaos on the earth is complete.
For a short time there will be supposed peace and safety.
Churches will fill with lukewarm liars.
But no one who tells the Truth about the Big Lie will be safe.
Like Deitrich Bonhoeffer who spoke in the German churches against Hitler, and was jailed and hung,
real Christians who speak the Truth will be killed along with the millions of the poor.

YAH help us all to overcome our fear, and to get ready to tell the Truth.

Fall out of love with your house.
Stop killing yourself and neglecting your family to pay for glorified toys that the new Nazi's are going to take away from you.
All is worthless except Faith, Hope and Love.