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6/7 = 86. Boat For Sale : 86% Intact Hull

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Wherever you see an idea promoted by people, and not YAH, you will see different ways of writing the number 6.

Not just at google.
Apparently these number codes are woven into the fabric of the universe.

6 represents Man's ideas, man's solutions to mankind's problems.

6 represents the deistic idea of the clockmaker god who wound up the universe and then left man to finish the job.
6 represents man on his own, missing his absentee father.

7 represents YAH, the Creator, working with people and giving people commandments to help people live well and to manage the earth, like a loving, present, committed Father.

When you see anything dominated by 6's, [the 'resilience hexagon' for instance] you see a childish human attempt to pull the tools out of 'Father's' hand and fix mankind's problems.
Like a little boy screaming, "I can do it mysewf!"

Man's solutions get you 86% there. (6 divided by 7 = 86.)

Man's solutions get you
a leaky boat with a beautiful 86% intact hull.still sinks
a ball with an 86% intact membrane with a hole that covers 14% of the ball's surface areano play today, and not worth patching
A house with an 86% intact roofthe next big rain destroys the house
A bicycle tire that's only 14% blownwon't ever ride, must be replaced
A body with only 14% cancerstill gonna die
A gas tank full of gas, except with 14% water.runs like hell
An airplane with an 86% intact fuselage.still crashes
A vehicle with enough fuel to get you 86% of the way to your destinationyou're still stranded
IBM punch-card census systems which created an 86% improved Germanywhile putting the Jews in the showers
nice drink with only 14% poisonstill kills you
a 14% under-designed engineering supporttotal collapse in an earthquake

Man's incomplete, doomed solutions represented by the #6 , include social security and biometric I.D. security and debt-based money.
YAH's "7" solutions include private responsibility, private witnesses (recommendations) and trading in lawful substance instead of debt paper.
(For just a few of the millions of examples.)

Man's world-system offers many benefits.
But man's structure is only able to hold 86% of the weight that it is trying to hold.
A 14% deficiency in structural strength results in a beautiful world-system which will totally collapse when the final "earthquake" comes.

Don't buy a boat with an 86% intact hull.