NonFiction ~~- The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWriting


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2288 Characters =~2.3Min. Reading Time
Great tool for character development.
A bit less complicated than, and more 'arty' than the more scientific MBTI.
You can clearly sketch out a well-rounded character in just a few minutes by using the complete type descriptions.

9 basic personality types:

TitleTypeAdjectivesBasic fearBasic Desire
1ReformerRational, idealisticprincipled, purposeful, self-controlled, perfectionisticbeing corrupted/evil/defectiveto be good, have integrity, be balanced
2Helpercaring, interpersonalgenerous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, possessiveof being unwanted, unworthy of being lovedto be loved
3AchieverSuccess-oriented, PragmaticAdaptable, excelling, driven, image-consciousbeing worthlessto feel valuable and worthwhile
4Individualistsensitive, withdrawnexpressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, temperamentallosing identity and significancefind themselves and their purpose
5InvestigatorIntense, cerebralperceptive, innovative, secretive, isolatedbeing useless, helpless, incapablebe capable & confident
6LoyalistCommitted, security-orientedengaging, responsible, anxious, suspiciousbeing without support/guidanceget support
7Enthusiastbusy, fun-lovingSpontaneous, Versatile, acquisitive, scatteredbeing deprived and in painto be satisfied&contented with needs fulfilled
8ChallengerPowerful, DominatingSelf-confident, decisive, Willful, Confrontationalof being harmed/controlledprotect themselves, bein in control of their own destiny
9PeacemakerEasygoing, self-effacingreceptive, reassuring, Agreeable, Complacentloss & separationinner stability / peace of mind

The enneagram system identifies 3 different states for each type:

In a believable story, a realistic character will exhibit the full range from healthy to unhealthy within their type.
Even the best character will at some point do and think and feel horrible things.
And the worst character will at some point do and feel and think amazingly wonderful things.