NonFiction ~~- The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWriting

Live Big, Write Big

Courage 1153 Characters =~1.2Min. Reading Time
Writing is Life.

Turn off the T.V.
Disconnect the internet.
Study the 100 or so great movies, then stop watching movies.

Go out and live.
Go on mission trips to foreign countries, not on plush voluntourism trips, but hard-core, 'back with the natives who screw goats and kill tourists' adventures.
Do what scares you.
Take up an activist cause and experience rejection from your friends and family when you clash with the 'authorities.'
Say the truth that gets people killed.
Learn to fly a plane, or run a marathon, or live in a nudist colony, or whatever seems important and valiant and exciting to you.
(But don't become a sex-addict / drug-addict / hedonist / criminal.)
Then you'll be able to write.
Writing is not literary skill.
You can pay a minimum-wage editor to polish your drafts,
IF you have lived enough to know WHAT to put in a story.
Write from your big, expanded HEART.

THEN you can move here to L.A., and you'll be interesting to Hollywood executives who have boring lives.

Until you've lived, you're just another script-kiddie in the coffee shop.