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US Code 42 #666 is The Abomination In the Holy Place

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Have you read Us code Section 42 Paragraph 666?

This section (appropriately numbered 666) provides for a universal use of the Social Security number for the purpose of tracking child support payments.
Its scope includes all professional matters plus all legal family matters such as marriage licenses, birth and death records, and all new hirings.

This is at the very least an example of "abomination that causes desolation" (the War State) "standing in the holy place" (in the middle of Holy Marriage, family life, for instance), enforcing its dominion and power through the use of a "number of a beast" that is required in order to "buy or sell."

The whole idea that a temple needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem is a distraction. The real temple is the hearts, minds, families and Ekklesia.
Today's abomination is already in place through state "god" intervention in the place where Yahweh should be: your heart.

A Reader notes:
Yes, the heart/mind is the real temple.
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