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Music Rehearsal Display Copies are Also Copyright-Free

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Church choir/band rehearsals are religious worship gatherings.

The presence of an audience is not required to create a 'worship assembly.'

So it is not a violation of U.S. Copyright statutes to display, by any means, printed, or projected, the words or sheet music to songs, literary works, or dramatic works, copyrighted or not, in a church program rehearsal.

This means that we music publishers have to offer our product at a superior price/performance ratio, because the churches have no legal necessity to buy our worship products. (Moral issues aside.)

A license is: permission to do an act which without the license would be illegal, unlawful, a tort, or a trespass.

Therefore, no license is necessary to use copyrighted works in a church rehearsal.

We religious publishers must accept that there is no case law to support the position of any licensing salesman who disagrees, no more than there is scientific data to support a street-peddler selling urine as hair-growth tonic.

As this contention is perfunctorily asserted without any analysis or argument in support, we reject it as not properly raised - People v. Barnett (1998) 17 Cal.4th 1044, 1107, fn. 37

Churches with sufficient resources should support us religious publishers.
But the church is no more under obligation to pay us licensing fees (for preparation and performance of its worship music) than a pew-sitter is under legal obligation to drop money in the church collection plate!