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Should You Hire A Story Consultant?

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You can submit your work to contests and story consultants.
it could pay off.

But primarily, I recommend that you do 6 things:

If you have followed the advice in the books, and you have talent, you will get plenty of work (and helpful suggestions) out of 100 submissions to development executives.

Generally speaking, the people judging contests and providing consultation services don't know enough to judge a great story from a weak story.
If they did, they would be working as development executives, directors, or producers themselves.

Often a good story is sent to contests and consultants, who pick it apart for the wrong reasons.

Write good work and submit it to the people who can make it into movies.

Rinse and Repeat.

It's really that simple.

There's actually an easy way for a writer outside of LA to find out if his script is up to Hollywood standards. Submit it. If it sells... [it works.] ... Anything that a story consultant might be able to tell you, you can learn on your own.Ted Elliot