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Why You Shouldn't Get A Tattoo

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Don't get a tattoo, because the bible forbids them.

The Mark of the Beast will likely find its ultimate expression in invisible (often vaccine-relivered) machine-readable digital records stored on living human skin.

tattoos [are] a permanent prayer to and identification with the heavenly powers, [and] a means of communication with them. Such is the most generalized meaning of tattooing… the tattoo is the permanent mark of [social] initiation, the badge of the tribe….tattoos [are] symbols of identification, interfused with … magic and mystic potency. Identification … invests the individual with the properties and strength of the creature or thing to which that person is assimilated and, [immunizes him] against its power… This is why tattoos depict dangerous creatures … symbols of fertility, etc. Identification also [connotes] surrender or consecration to what the tattoo depicts…a badge of fealty.β€”Jean Chevalier, The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols, 1996, pp. 975-6