NonFiction ~~- The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWriting

Write Screenplays Like international Ad's

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Screenplays should be written in simple, clear, concrete, terse, non-idiomatic English that is impossible to misinterpret.
Imagine that all directors, actors, and cameramen are Chinese teenagers, and write accordingly:

English is the worldโ€™s must studied language.
It is a global language of business, finance, and technology.
People who speak English command higher salaries than those who cannot.
However, non-native English speakers have a smaller vocabulary and they may take certain words or phrases literally rather than figuratively.
Certainly, they will have difficulties with culture-bound expressions.
To use the English language properly and effectively when interacting with non-native speakers, follow the following rules:
  • Avoid idioms (e.g., pushing the envelope)
  • Avoid jargons (e.g., bottom line) and acronyms (e.g., OECD)
  • Avoid complex sentences. Sentences are difficult to follow when they have dependent, coordinate, subordinate, and relative clauses.
  • When delivering a message, speak slowly and pause. Do not run words and sentences together. Pause before beginning a new thought, sentence, or point.
  • - Source: Patricia L. Kurtz, โ€œBut They Said Everyone Spoke English,โ€ Special Advertising Section, Business Week, December 17, 2001.