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Why Does The Worker Give A 1 Month Notice?

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Give clear, respectful advance notice of your intent to leave or to be temporarily absent from your scheduled workplace.

Professional notice protects your professional reputation.

Up to the point of notice, projects and tasks have been assigned which will require a month to wrap.

This month also moves the overseers from:
"investment" mode, in which they invest valuable time, responsibility, and training in a helper,
"Wrap it up" mode, in which the helper is simply finishing what they've started.

Notice protects the management from students just sponging a costly "free" education, then leaving before they actually contribute something to the "mission".

Generally speaking:
Month 1 = supervisors invest expensive time in helping the student find and communicate his/her focus;
Month 2 = the student's and supervisors' investments begin to balance;
Month 3: The now trained and focused ex-student neo-professional begins to pay back the supervisor's time.