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Who Are Troy & Genie & What Can They Do For Me?

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Where Is Genie Music?

Genie Music is a Media Concept Development Team working primarily in Los Angeles, California, with occasional assignments in NYC, Nashville, Asia and the 3rd world.

Today on a Los Angeles movie ranch we work on top films and TV shows every day.
Come stay & shoot with us when you visit L.A.

What Does GenieMusic Do?

Troy & Genie specialize in architecting family-friendly media products by building an initial marketing concept all the way to a finished script with custom-tailored songs.

Genie Music specializes in fast-paced action musicals for 21st-century international family audiences.

Genie Music architects your media concepts from initial marketing idea through final production, with discretion to protect your privacy, your revenue streams, and your credits.


Screenwriting, script surgery, song doctoring, story architecture, speedy production rewrites & punch-ups. Specialists in biblical media consultantation.

William Goldman, Ted Geisel, Tom Lehrer, Alan Menken, Shel Silverstein, Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, etc.

You can keep your rights, your royalties and your secrets.

Producers filmmakers and songwriters use our Cinematic Bible as the go-to reference for making Biblical adaptations that appeal to the general market.

Who Do We Know?

The stars, directors and producers for whom we and our staff have worked comprise a who's who of Academy and commercial success, including: Mel Gibson, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Joel & Ethan Coen, Michael Mann, Edward Zwick, Tom Cruise, Cameron Crowe, Sam Mendes, Sean Penn, Michael Bay, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Antoine Fuqua, Denzel Washington, Wolfgang Petersen, Jodie Foster,Taylor Hackford, Michel Gondry, Brian Grazer, etc.

Our combined staff's credits include: Braveheart, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, Prince Of Egypt, Jerry Maguire, Ray, Gladiator, Devil's Advocate, Star Wars, American Gangster, Black Hawk Down, Skyfall, The Perfect Storm, The Last Samurai, Courage Under Fire, Air Force One, Bourne Identity, Captain America, Natural Born Killers, Nixon, Bourne Ultimatum, Wall Street, The Patriot, Man in the Iron Mask, True Lies, Hannibal, The Bourne Supremacy, G.I. Joe, Superman Returns, The Bourne Legacy, The Replacement Killers, and on and on.

Recent projects include American Horror Story, Divergent, and NCIS.

Who Hires GenieMusic?

The Genie Music client list includes every major global media company including Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers, Epic, Capitol, the U.S. Government, BMG, Provident, etc.

Executive producers rely on Troy & Genie to create work that might have been written by Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Randy Newman, Stephen Sondheim, William Goldman, Tom Lehrer, or Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Their writing has been employed by every major media corporation in America.
Troy & Genie's innovations continue to influence a who's who of recent generations of filmmakers and musical hit-makers.
Troy & Genie are known by development executives as the go-to call when no other writers can figure out how to execute a complicated and difficult concept.

These guys can write anything. - Clive Davis


A director asked Troy & Genie to translate bible sections into visual screenplay-like language, free of any contradictions or "director-traps." (Director-traps are words or sentences which are not literally film-able, either because they are contradictory, or non-visual.) 20 years later, the project has grown to become The Cinematic Bible, which has spawned several Biblical film adaptations.

The Los Angeles School system was looking for Dr. Seuss-like material that would grab the attention of older children and dyslexic teens. The result: Hot Fox In A Box.

An Aid Agency seeking to enhance awareness of the plight of Haiti teamed with Troy & Genie to create Haiti Aid Live, a concert series featuring A-list Hollywood film-scoring musicians with indigenous Haitian singers, drummers, and dancers.

The largest Christian record company in the world asked Genie & Troy to write and produce music to fill a market demand for scripture-memory music that was fun, like SchoolHouse Rock. The resulting concept is the 500-scripture (and counting) series: Scripture Rock, featuring some of L.A.'s hottest talent.

A famous record label asked Troy & Genie to write and produce 3 albums of alpha-wave generating (calming) music that was also musically lush, rich, and satisfying. The result: Angels All Around.

A film company seeking exciting, clean Holiday programming ordered Dirty Pig Christmas.

A company manufacturing probiotic nutritional supplements sought to create awareness through entertainment: The result: a Pixar-like script called The Probiotics.

A group of Amish missionaries need help to pass international borders without biometric identification. Troy & Genie work with lawyers on both sides of the borders to create the Religious Travel Rights Initiative, to keep 1st Amendment freedoms alive in the land of the free.

A multi-million-dollar media studio wanted a way to "see" scripts at a glance, to keep directors from getting lost in the middle of projects. The result is the "Roller Coaster" emotion-mapping story-development system.

An educational products company wanted a comprehensive way to tag their articles with themes, complete with visual icons. The result: The Universal Thematic Classification System.

What's YOUR concept?