Screenplay Synopsis ~~- Headache


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In this true story,
GENIE (me dog)
fights the medical & pharmaceutical rackets that turn simple headaches into life-threatening iatrogenic disease (rabid dog)
for HEALTH & LIFE (bone).
GENIE wins.

--------( C O N C E R N )
Little young Genie plays in the forest. Happy. But when her cousins drag her to amusement parks, she gets terrible headaches, throwing up, sick. So her mother gives her aspirin.

--------H O P E
Teen Genie goes to a doctor who prescribes her pills that make her headaches manageable. She goes on to enjoy cheerleading and performing music concerts.

--------F E A R
By college Genie is again in terrible pain. She has an experimental operation that gives her brief relief. She goes on experimental pills and more powerful headache meds. She gets married to a music producer. Throws up on their honeymoon from terrible headaches.

--------S C O R E
Genie's doctors put her on more powerful medication. She is able to work as a music producer. She has success.

--------P A I N
Drums and stress cause Genie's headaches to worsen.
Every night is 'Not tonight, honey; I've got a headache'.
At about 30 years of age, she goes on the equivalent of 32 aspirin a day, every day. She has to take 3 other med's to keep these pills from destroying her stomach, liver, and kidneys.

--------P O W E R
The super med's allow Genie to go on concert tours. But the med's take a drastic toll on her health. She develops a lupus mask and heavy symptoms mislabeled as Rheumatoid arthritis. She is constantly miserable, in terrible pain.

--------D I S A S T E R!
Doctors deny that the med's are hurting Genie.
She gets a handicapped-sticker. Walks with a cane-seat. Rides in wheelchairs.
Genie goes to the headache "guru" who nearly kills her by pumping her full of 5 brain-active medications. She is simultaneously misdiagnosed as having bone cancer.
Her internal organs fuse together.

--------T R I U M P H!
The chief cancer doctor at a famous university orders Genie to stay away from Doctors.
Genie goes out to live with the Amish. She learns a whole new way of life.
A Chinese acupressure doctor un-fuses her internal organs. She has a miraculous recovery. She gets rid of all of her pills.
Genie runs up mountains with little brown 3rd-world orphans.
She goes on to be a movie writer.