Screenplay Synopses ~~- Headache

Love Your HeadAche

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For most people, headaches are not a symptom of "disease".
Headaches are evidence that your body is strong and functioning correctly.

Yes, there are some people with headaches caused by real diseases like scoliosis (curved-spine) or meningitis (brain-infection).

But Genie's headaches were caused by stress:
Many stresses: chemical, relational, habitual, dietary, and physical.

Your headache is most likely being caused by a complex of these stressors:
  • chemicals (drugs aka poisons), including pills that you take to 'treat' your headaches,
  • chemicals in your water,
  • chemicals or deficiencies in your food,
  • problems in your relationships,
  • lack of compatibility with your job or your co-workers,
  • commuting,
  • debt,
  • overload of smells, lights, sounds, postural stress, etc.,
  • tension that restricts your blood flow or lymph (life-water) flow,
  • etc.

  • If you're like Genie, you remove your key stressors, then your headaches vanish.

    Using pills to kill these headaches is like shooting your own security guard because he's alerting you that an intruder is breaking into your house to rape you.

    Instead, ‘love’ your headache.
    Thank God for your headache.

    Your headache is a warning sign that something is wrong.

    Your headache is a fire-alarm.
    Don't smash your fire alarm.
    Your house is burning.
    Find the fire.
    Put it out.
    Then praise your Maker for making that fire alarm.

    Your headache is your 'check engine' light.
    Don't paint over your warning light.
    Check your engine.
    Fix the broken part.
    Then thank your Maker for the light.