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How To Stop Rotten Fish From Making You Sick

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Do you know anybody like Ada?

The Ballad Of Ada RahtenFische

A pretty girl comes home from work every day.
Every evening she eats rotten fish for dinner.
Every night she throws up.

So she goes to her Gastroenterologist.
He prescribes her an anti-emetic.
So she stops throwing up.

But the anti-emetic makes her hair fall out.
So she goes to a dermatologist.
He gives her a pill that keeps her hair in her head.

But the pill rots her toes off.
So she goes to an podiatrist.
He gives her a pill that stops her toes from rotting off.
But the pill makes her unable to think.

So she goes to a psychiatrist.
He gives her an anti-depressant.
But the anti-depressant backfires: it makes her attempt suicide.

So in comes the Rabbi to give Ada her last rites.
The Rabbi prays to God, โ€œLord, how can I ease the suffering of this, your poor dying child?โ€
God answers, โ€œTell her to stop eating rotten fish!โ€

Explanation: The girl never has any โ€˜diseaseโ€™.
Her body vomits as a natural, healthy response to the rotten fish.
Her body loses its hair as a natural response to the anti-emetic poison.
Her toes rot off as a natural response to the baldness medication.
Her body produces suicidal ideations as a natural response to the anti-depressant molecule.

The Doctors are not stupid.
Each one is a reputable, board-certified, state-licensed professional who dispenses a clinically-tested product that relieves the symptom the patient presented.
But none of the Doctors know enough about the girl's life to identify the root cause of her ills.

And the girl never forces the Doctors to look any deeper than her immediate symptom.
The girl accepts her role as the helpless, dependent ward of the god-like medical industry.

The girl ends up one of the sickest people alive.
But not because she has any โ€˜diseaseโ€™.

All of her โ€˜symptomsโ€™ are caused by what she puts into her own mouth.
When she stops putting stressors into her mouth, her โ€˜disease symptomsโ€™ vanish.

What stressors are making YOU feel โ€˜diseasedโ€™?