NonFiction ~~- The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWriting

Robert McKee's Ten Commandents

Communication 1279 Characters =~1.3Min. Reading Time

1Active ProtagonistThou shalt not take the crisis/climax out of the protagonist's hands. No deus ex machina endings.

2Embattled ProtagonistThou shalt not make life easy for the protagonist. Ever. Constant conflict.

3Show, Don't TellThou shalt not give exposition for exposition's sake. Dramatize it. Convert exposition to ammunition.

4Keep it realThou shalt not use false mystery or cheap surprise.

5Love your audience.Thou shalt respect thy audience. We need no more hackery.

6Immersive story.Thou shalt know thy world as God knows this one.

7Layered SimplicityThou shalt not complicate when simplicity is better. Instead of layering on plot complexity, use all three types of complications: Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Extra-personal.

8Push to the extremesThou shalt seek the โ€˜end of the lineโ€™, the โ€˜negation of the negationโ€™, taking characters to the farthest reaches and depth of conflict imaginable within the story's realm of probability.

9Be subtle.Thou shalt not write โ€˜on the noseโ€™. Put a subtext under every text.

10REWRITEThou shalt rewrite.