Screenplay ~~- JockRock

The 4 Athletes Fight Over Band Dominance

Fighting/Strife/Conflict 1465 Characters =~1.5Min. Reading Time
Jackie leads Killa, BackWoods, Swish and Peleador in a do-re-mi vocal exercise.

Their unison sounds like it might eventually work.

Jackie tries to teach the guys harmony.

They utterly fail.

(horrid screech)
We're foxy

And we're stocked

I want you long and strong

Body like King Kong

Jackie halts this orchestra of insanity.

OK. We'll pick one lead singer. The others can do minor background vocals while playing instruments.

The band plays with Swish as the lead singer.

We're Jocks...

- And we rock...

They sound atrocious.

None of them can play.

BackWoods grabs the microphone from Swish.

BackWoods can't sing either.

Gawk in our direction and your gun goes cock.

Killa grabs the microphone from BackWoods.

BackWoods pushes Killa, accidentally bumping him into Jackie.

Killa hurls BackWoods into the piano.

Jackie grabs Killa but he jooks out of her tiny hands.

Swish attacks Killa.

Killa throws Swish into the drumset.

Killa dropkicks Peleador into the swimming pool.

Jackie jumps on Killa's back.

She pain-grips Killa's ear.

Killa squeals like a little girl.

BackWoods, Swish and Peleador stomp out.

Nunca voy a trabajar con Killa!

We can't leave Jackie with "O.J." FishBone.

Jackie's a big girl. She can take care of herself.