Screenplay ~~- JockRock

Jackie & Hank Argue In The Street

Fighting/Strife/Conflict 2341 Characters =~2.3Min. Reading Time

Over music:

Jackie runs out through the backstage door.
She slams the door against the wall. { BAM! }

She runs down the Hollywood street.

She leans up against a chain-link fence.
She forces herself to draw a deep breath.
She starts to calm a bit.
She sinks down to sit on what appears to be a black garbage bag.
She looks around through the creepy night.
She fumbles with her phone.
Her fingers shake.
She presses the "Grandmother's face" icon on the phone.
Jackie's tears fall onto the phone's screen.
Jackie's Grandmother's face appears.

It was a joke, Grandmother.

A dirty joke. On you. Come back home.

I can handle it.

Hank's chirping it all over the world! That vile-

The homeless BUMBO, whom Jackie didn't realize she sat on, thrusts up his hand to grab Jackie's phone.
Bumbo stares at the phone in lust.

Granny's HOT!

Jackie jumps up to run.
Bumbo grabs her leg.

Come cuddle Daddy!

Bumbo thrusts his hand at Jackie's rear.
His hand print drools down her white pants.

Hey, get back here!

Jackie runs away.

Ya' fergot yer' phone, Miss Priss!

She looks back to see Bumbo staring lewdly at her phone.

(in distance)
Hey Granny! Let's mix our salt-n-pepper!

As Jackie runs, she looks sideways to see Hank drive his Hummer limo toward her.

You want a ride home, Jackie?

What? So you can score a "touchdown" on me?

Jackie, Killa meant the song in love.

Jackie storms back toward Bumbo.

Hank spins the Hummer around.

He follows Jackie down the street.

(on phone)

Jackie grabs her phone from Bumbo's hand.

She kicks Bumbo's gut with her high-heeled shoe.

She storms off toward her car in the Showcase Hall's parking lot.
She hears music blare from inside the hall:

I'll be your quarterback, baby!

If you'll be might tight-end-

From his Hummer, Hank watches Jackie storm into her car.

She rips off her high-heeled shoe.
She throws it at Hank's Hummer, right toward Hank's head.

Paparazzi snap photos of the shoe cracking Hank's windshield.

Jackie speeds her car from the parking lot.

Photo-flashes pop like fireworks behind Jackie's crying face.