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JockRock Theme Song Lyrics (We're Jocks / We Rock)

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We're Jocks
We rock
Gawk in our direction and your gun goes cock

We knock
Your block
Step in our arena & we clean your clock

We're foxy
& We're stocked
We rip into the room and roll down your socks

You wanna swim in my gym
'Better muscle up
You gonna need your energy (boy)

I want you long and strong
Body like King Kong
If you're gonna keep up with me

One smile
You shock
(I) Tie you with my lips
Like an iron-lock

I got a flock!
You watch me
like a hawk
My walk
My talk

You wanna catch our eyes
G'wann, exercise
We only want athletes with us

You wanna play our court
Better know your sport
Chumps can't compete with us

'Cause we're Jocks

Time in my diamond's
Only for fine men
The most fabulous

You wanna swing in our park
Bring the spark
We like 'em muscl-iscious