Screenplay ~~- JockRock

Jackie Bids Goodbye To Her Quirky Grandmother

The Journey Of Life 1773 Characters =~1.8Min. Reading Time


Gorgeous tear-streaked eyes blink back snowy wind.
The eyes grace the face of the young woman who defines the word "dream-girl": the striking college-age intern: JACKIE PANZ.
Jackie pushes her wheelchair-bound GRANDMOTHER toward the ticket counter.


Even sad-eyed, Jackie is "the face that launches 1000 ships."
Her fellow passengers' heads turn to watch her walk through the airport.
The mens' eyes scream, "Whoa! What a babe!"
Jackie ignores even the pilots' stares. She appears oblivious to her beauty's power.
But the jealous-eyed stewardesses notice the pilots' stares.

Jackie bends down, hugs her wheelchair-bound Grandmother.
Grandmother kisses Jackie's cheek. { SMOOCH! }

Make your Daddy and Mommy proud.

Jackie nods, wipes away a tear, too overcome to face GrandMother.
Jackie heads for the plane.
Behind Jackie, a sympathetic airline stewardess takes the handles of Grandmother's wheelchair.

Jackie joins the boarding line next to DAVE DRUMMER, a college-aged hunk who sports a shirt emblazoned ā€˜L.A.ā€™.
Dave Drummer sees that under Jackie's arm, she holds a stack of papers, atop which lays a gorgeous 8x10 photo of an idyllic young man in a suit: HANK HONEY.

(yells, points)
Make those Hollywood boys keep their paws off your naughties!

The passengers and airline personnel flick their heads toward Grandmother; then they stare at Jackie. They giggle.

Jackie blushes bright red.
Dave Drummer smiles at the beet-red Jackie.

Funny. That's just what my Grandma told me the first time I moved to L.A.

Jackie's lips twist into a forced smile. But she's still too embarrassed to meet Dave Drummer's eyes.