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Racist Quotation From Mormon OfficialSource a broad general sense, caste systems have their origin in the gospel itself, and when they operate according to the divine decree, the resultant restrictions and segregation are right and proper and have the approval of the lord.
To illustrate: Cain, Ham, and the whole negro race have been cursed with a black skin, the mark of Cain, so they can be identified as a caste apart, a people with whom the other descendants of Adam should not intermarry.

From Bruce R. McConkie's book "Mormon Doctrine", 1958 edition, pages 107-108

And [The LORD] had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity.
For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint;
wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.
22 And thus saith the Lord God:
I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.
23 And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed;
for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing.
And the Lord spake it
, and it was done.
24 And because of their cursing which was upon them they did become an idle people, full of mischief and subtlety, and did seek in the wilderness for beasts of prey.
note: 2Nephi was changed from 'white and delightsome' to 'pure and delightsome' in the 1978 edition of the Book of Mormon.
The phrase 'pure and delightsome' was actually in the original BofM manuscript, but got changed to 'white and delightsome' in one of the early editions and stayed that way until the corrections were made in 1978.

BOOK OF MORMON 2 Nephi 5:21

There is a reason why one man is BORN BLACK and with other DISADVANTAGES while another is BORN WHITE with great ADVANTAGES.
The reason is that we once had an estate before we came here, and were obedient, more or less, to the laws that were given us there.
Those who were faithful in all things there received greater blessings here, and those who were not faithful received less."
Mormon President and Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith, "Doctrines of Salvation", pp. 61.

"There were no neutrals in the war in heaven.
All took sides either with Christ or with Satan.
Every man had his agency there, and men receive rewards here based upon their actions there, just as they will receive rewards hereafter for deeds done in the body.
The Negro, evidently, is RECEIVING THE REWARD HE MERITS."
Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith, "Doctrines of Salvation", pp. 65-66.

"Think of the Negreo, cursed as to the priesthood....
This negro, who, in the pre-existence lived the type of life which justified the Lord in sending him to the earth in their lineage of Cain with a black skin, and possibly being born in darkest Africa

--if that negro is willing when he hears the gospel to accept it, he may have many of the blessings of the gospel.
In spite of all he did in the pre-existent life, the Lord is willing, if the Negro accepts the gospel with real, sincere faith, and is really converted, to give him the blessins of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
If that Negro is faithful all his days, he can and will enter the celestial kingdom. He will go there AS A SERVANT, but he will get celestial glory."
Race Problems--As They Affect The Church, By Mark Petersen, August 27, 1954.

"It is the Mormon belief that in our pre-mortal state there were a large number of individuals who, due to some act or behavior of their own in the pre-existence, forfeited the right to hold the Priesthood during their mortal lives,...
The Negro is thus denied the Priesthood because of his own behavior in the pre-existence."
The Church and the Negro, pp. 42-42.

"Though he was rebel and an ASSOCIATE OF LUCIFER in pre-existence, and though he was a liar from the beginning whose name was Perdition, Cain was cursed with a dark skin; he became the father of the Negroes, and those spirits who are not worthy to receive the priesthood are born though his lineage.
[Cain] became the first mortal to be cursed as a son of perdition.
As a result of his mortal birth he is assured of a tangible body of flesh and bones in eternity, a fact which will enable him to rule over Satan."
Mormon Doctrine, pp. 102.

"Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African Race?
If the White man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot.
This will always be so."

Journal of Discourses, 2nd Mormon Prophet and President Brigham Young

"You see some classes of the human family that are black, uncouth, uncomely, disagreeable and low in their habits, wild, and seemingly deprived of nearly all the blessings of the intelligence that is generally bestowed upon mankind.
The first man who committed the odious crime of killing one of his brethren will be cursed the longest of any one of the children of Adam.
Cain slew his brother.
Cain might have been killed, and that would have put a termination to that line of human beings.
This was not to be, and the Lord put a mark upon Cain, which is the flat nose and black skin.
Trace mankind down to after the flood, and then another curse is pronounced upon the same race--that they should be the 'servant of servants;' and they will be, until that curse is removed;"
Journal of Discourses, Vol. 7, pg. 290-291.

"Negroes in this life are denied the priesthood;
under no circumstances can they hold this delegation of authority from the Almighty.
The gospel message of salvation is not carried affirmatively to them...
Negroes are not equal with other races
where the receipt of certain spiritual blessings are concerned..."
note: it was taught that even "one drop of Negro blood" would prevent a person from holding the priesthood or marrying in the temple.
Later Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, 1954

"And after the flood we are told that the curse that had been pronounced upon Cain was continued through Hams' wife, as he had married a wife of that seed. And why did it pass through the flood?
Because it was necessary that the devil should have a representative upon the earth as well as God."
John Taylor (third prophet and President) Journal of Discourses, Vol. 22, pg. 304.

Through Ham (a name meaning black) the blood of the Canaanites was preserved through the flood, Ham having married Egyptus, a descendent of Cain. Mormon Doctrine, pg. 343.

those assigned to a dishonorable body on this earth came through the accursed lineage of Canaan through Ham's wife who was a descendent of the first murderer Cain,..."
That Ye May Not Be Deceived, pg. 6-7.

"God has commanded Israel not to intermarry.
To go against this commandment of God would be in sin.
Those who willfully sin with their eyes open to this wrong will not be surprised to find that they will be separated from the presence of God in the world to come.
This is spiritual death....
The reason that one would lose his blessings by marrying a Negro is due to the restriction placed upon them.
'No person having the least particle of Negro blood can hold the Priesthood.'
(Peterson is quoting 2nd prophet Brigham Young here.)
It does not matter if they are one-sixth Negro or one-hundred and sixth, the curse of no Priesthood is the same.
If an individual who is entitled to the Priesthood marries a Negro, the Lord has decreed that only spirits who are not eligible for the Priesthood will come to that marriage as children.
To intermarry with a Negro is to forfeit a 'Nation of Priesthood holders.'"
Race Problems -- As They Affect The Church, Address by APOSTLE Mark E. Petersen at the Convention of Teachers of Religion on the College Level, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, August 27, 1954.

"The discussion on civil rights, especially over the last 20 years, has drawn some very sharp lines.
It has blinded the thinking of some of our own people, I believe.
They have allowed their political affiliations to color their thinking to some extent, and then, of course, they have been persuaded by some of the arguments that have been put forth...
We who teach in the Church certainly must have our feet on the ground and not to be led astray by the philosophies of men on this subject...
"I think I have read enough to give you an idea of what the negro is after.
He is not just seeking the opportunity of sitting down in a cafe where white people eat.
He isn't just trying to ride on the same streetcar or the same Pullman car with white people.
It isn't that he just desires to go the same theater as the white people.
From this, and other interviews I have read, it appears that the negro seeks absorbtion with the white race.
He will not be satisfied until he achieves it by intermarriage.
That is his objective and we must face it.
We must not allow our feelings to carry us away, nor must we feel so sorry for negroes that we will open our arms and embrace them with everything we have.
Remember the little statement that we used to say about sin, 'First we pity, then endure, then embrace.'...
"Now let's talk about segregation again for a few moments.
Was segregation a wrong principle?
when the Lord chose the nations to which the spirits were to come, determining that some would be Japanese and some would be Chinese and some Negroes and some Americans, He engaged in an act of segregation...
When he told Enoch not preach the gospel to the descendants of Cain who were black, the Lord engaged in segregation.
When He cursed the descendants of Cain as to the Priesthood, He engaged in segregation...
"Who placed the Negroes originally in darkest Africa?
Was it some man, or was it God?
And when He placed them there, He segregated them...
"The Lord segregated the people both as to blood and place of residence.
At least in the cases of the Lamanites and the Negro we have the definite word of the Lord Himself that he placed a dark skin upon them as a curse
-- as a punishment and as a sign to all others.
He forbade intermarriage with them under threat of extension of the curse.
And He certainly segregated the descendants of Cain when He cursed the Negro as to the Priesthood, and drew an absolute line.
You may even say He dropped an Iron curtain there....
"Now we are generous with the negro.
We are willing that the Negro have the highest education.
I would be willing to let every Negro drive a cadillac if they could afford it.
I would be willing that they have all the advantages they can get out of life in the world.
But let them enjoy these things among themselves.
I think the Lord segregated the Negro and who is man to change that segregation?
It reminds me of the scripture on marriage, 'what God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.'
Only here we have the reverse of the thing -- what God hath separated, let not man bring together again."

Race Problems -- As They Affect The Church, Address by Mark E. Petersen at the Convention of Teachers of Religion on the College Level, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah,August 27, 1954.

"For instance, the descendants of Cain cannot cast off their skin of blackness, at once, and immediately, although every soul of them should repent,...
Cain and his posterity must wear the mark which God put upon them; and his white friends may wash the race of Cain with fuller's soap every day, they cannot wash away God's mark;...."
Mormon Publication: Millennial Star, Vol. 14, pg. 418.

"I saw a striking contrast in the progress of the Indian people today...
The day of the Lamanites is nigh.
For years they have been growing delightsome, and they are now becoming white and delightsome, as they were promised.
In this picture of the twenty Lamanite missionaries, fifteen of the twenty were as light as Anglos, five were darker but equally delightsome
The children in the home placement program in Utah are often lighter than their brothers and sisters in the hogans on the reservation.
"At one meeting a father and mother and their sixteen-year-old daughter were present, the little member girl--sixteen--sitting between the dark father and mother, and it was evident she was several shades lighter than her parents--on the same reservation, in the same hogan, subject to the same sun and wind and weather...
These young members of the Church are changing to whiteness and to delightsomeness.
One white elder jokingly said that he and his companion were donating blood regularly to the hospital in the hope that the process might be accelerated."
Later Mormon Prophet and President Mr. Kimball (Spencer W.), speaking at the General Conference meeting, October, 1960, quoted in Mormon Publication: Improvement Era, December 1960, pp. 922-923.

"Because of our performance in the pre-existence some of us are born as Chinese, some as Japanese, some and Indians, some as Negroes, some as Americans, some as Latter-day Saints."
Mark E. Petersen article "Calcutta to Kaysville: Is Righteousness Color-Coded"in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, vol. 21, no.3, Autumn 1988

"Of the thousands of children born today, a certain proportion of them went to the Hottentots of the south seas, thousands went to Negro mothers, thousands to beautiful white Latter-day Saint Mothers."
Melvin J. Ballard

"That the negro is markedly inferior to the Caucasian is proved both craniologically and by six thousand years of planet-wide experimentation."
B.H. Roberts-the Seventy's Course in Theology

"Last in order stands the Negro race, the lowest in intelligence and the most barbarous of all the children of men."
The Juvenile Instructor (a Church magazine)

"We are asked if the natives of New Zealand and of the Samoan society and Sandwich Islands are descendants of the Nephites (white people) or of the Lamanites (American Indians)...
.It is plain from the history of the Book of Mormon that this dark skin has been brought upon them by transgression.
Whether this transgression occurred before they left this (American) continent or afterwards is not clear."
(LDS Children's Publication: The Juvenile Instructor, vol. 30, p. 129.)

"It is very clear that the mark which was set upon the descendants of Cain was a skin of blackness...
It has been noticed in our day that men who have lost the spirit of the Lord, and from whom His blessings have been withdrawn, have TURNED DARK to such an extent as to excite the comments of all who have known them."
Juvenile Instructor (vol. 26, p. 635)

And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam;
and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them"
(Mormon Holy Scripture: Pearl of Great Price:Moses 7:22)

A Mormon asks:
In the Bible, in the Old Testament in Ezra 2:62 God clearly discriminating against a group of people and bars them from the Priesthood.
I wonder if the rest of the tribes felt a little discriminated against by God or inferior, because weren't they as good as the Levites?

True ANSWER: Choosing the Levites to be priests was simply one part of God's provision for an orderly society.
It did not imply discrimination or judgement as to the individual merit of the different tribes.
This, (like the fact that Jesus' earthly ministry was mostly among the Jews), was God's way of orderly working.
There are NO Biblical parallels to the ugly, spiritual racism of the Mormon apostles, prophets, and scriptures.
However, in the writings of people of other churches, you find a lot of the same.
The difference is, other churches don't enshrine their racist ideas their "Holy Scripture."

Interestingly, some Mormon statements are not racist:

"For none of these iniquities come of the Lord...
and he inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness;
and he denieth none that come unto him, **black and white,** bond and free, male and female;
and he remembereth the heathen;
and **all are alike unto God.**
Book Of Mormon 2 Nephi 26:33

"The gospel of Jesus Christ transcends nationality and color, crosses cultural lines, and blends distinctiveness into a common brotherhood. All men are invited to come unto him and all are alike unto him.
Race makes no difference; color makes no difference; nationality makes no difference.
As members of the Lord's church, we need to lift our vision beyond personal prejudices.
We need to discover the supreme truth that indeed our Father is no respecter of persons."
Howard W. Hunter

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