Unpublished Screenplay ~~- Twist

Twist Synopsis

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In this story, TWIST (me dog)
fights humanity, led by her Dad (rabid dog)
for respect (bone).
Twist wins.

--------( C O N C E R N )
Twist is born to the 987th concubine of her father the king. The midwives shudder in horror, seeing that Twist has twisted arms, bowed legs, a crooked nose and uneven eyes. The king throws her to the executioners to abandon to the buzzards on the mountains.

--------H O P E
A poor hunter-gatherer finds and adopts baby Twist.

--------F E A R
The village scorns the hunter for bringing another β€˜useless’ mouth into their starving village. The father insists that the town is cursed for their lack of compassion, and that tending a β€˜useless’ cripple will get them the rain their crops need.

--------S C O R E
Surprisingly, Twist grows up proving her usefulness. She rises to many challenges. She becomes the town's most useful citizen, despite receiving no recognition and only scorn, especially from Hunter's wanna-be-wife who hates Twist.

--------P A I N
The king sends Hunter to war to gain gold to pay for the endless mounting expenses of the castle's hundreds of reckless Queens and thousands of ridiculous princes and princesses.
Hunter's girlfriend moves into Hunter's hut. She terrorizes Twist.

--------P O W E R
The king falls, arrow-pierced in the war.
He returns to lie in his palace on his deathbed.
He laments seeing that his kingdom will fall because he has no worthy heir.
Hearing this, Twist's mother seeks to finds Twist. She brings Twist to the king.
The king disowns all his family, then declares Twist to be his heir to the throne.

--------D I S A S T E R!
All the royals try to kill Twist.
The king, on his dying breath, orders that Twist execute all of her brothers, sisters and all the Queens and concubines.

--------T R I U M P H!
Twist is crowned Queen of the Land.
As her first act, Twist orders all of her brothers and sisters and the Queens and concubines to what appears to be a concentration camp, into a gas chamber. The terrified ex-royals hear a thundering, screaming sound. In flood a horde of handicapped children. They jump all over the perplexed royals.
Twist gallops to the battlefield, ends the war and reunites with her adoptive father the hunter. She makes him vice-regent.
Over time, Twist and Hunter smile as the royal brats (including Twist's mother and Hunter's girlfriend) develop compassion.