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PROPHECIES From Troy & Genie

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2020Somewhere between 2028 and 2061 the battle of Armageddon will accompany the visible return of the Messiah to earth. Probably earlier than later.
2020Asian military power will far exceed that of the United States.
2020Around 2025, truly organic, unadulterated food will be more scarce and expensive than precious metal. Proper growing soil and uncontaminated seeds will be almost impossible to find. Most people, particularly the urban masses, will get their Frankenfood via individual biometrically-allotted rationing. This trend will worsen, due to the (little-understood but scientifically verifiable) supernatural curse of Cain which prevents violent people from growing food.
2020By around 2024 a cultural war will violently pit mass media consumers against independent-thinkers who refuse to "tune-in" to overwhelmingly ad-driven content on social and broadcast media. Citing โ€˜protection of children from deadly misinformationโ€™, the media-consumers will exterminate or at least marginalize most of the media-abstainers.
2020By around 2023, massive new and complex immune-syndromes will result in the deaths and debilitation of millions of vaccinated and otherwise drugged people. Thus world population will decline, despite a vast rise in fornication.
2020By around 2022 billions of people will carry invisible devices or marks that track their vaccination status, and these โ€˜tattoosโ€™ will in the few years to follow become used as de-facto mandatory entry passes and payment credentials for nearly every important function of life.
2020By around 2021 the media-addicted public will demand mass forced vaccination. This trend will continue permanently, despite frequent buried-yet-credible reports of catastrophic vaccine complications and vaccine fraud.
2020Antibiotic resistance will continue to grow to epidemic proportions, causing at least hundreds of thousands of deaths, while the mass media continue to blame relatively minor factors such as survivable viruses.
2020A bioengineered virus will strike the world by 2021, yielding mass panic greater than that of Covid19.
2012The world's bankrupt and hopelessly corrupt โ€œgovernmentsโ€ will massively reduce public-benefit services such as courts, schools, maintenance of public lands, etc. as for-profit corporations exponentially increase their dominance of world affairs, as shown in the movie โ€˜Idiocracyโ€™. This trend will be permanent.2020
2008Stock prices will exponentially rise for companies involved in implantable devices, mobile payment systems, big data and big pharma. This trend will be permanent.2020
2007The U.S. dollar will soon hyperinflate.
2004The real-estate market will crash.2007
2003Facial recognition technology will become ubiquitous.2006
1999The U.S. dollar will inflate (lose purchasing power).2000
1998Apple Computer and Adobe stock prices will rebound from near-bankruptcy.1999

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