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US Code 42 sec 666 mandates SS# for license

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If you apply for just about any "permission" to do anything in the U.S., for instance, a doctor's license, license to practice law, any other professional license, license to fish, etc., you will be faced with something like this:

Date of Birth ___________ Social Security No.______________*

* As part of your application, you are required to provide your Social Security Number.
This is mandatory.
The authority for this requirement is 42 USC 666(a)(13) and [corresponding state statute].
Failure to provide your Social Security Number will be a basis to refuse to issue or renew the license you seek.
This record of your Social Security Number will be used for child support enforcement purposes only...

The paragraph number 666, the number of man, not God.
The section number (42) is a basic numerologic pattern for 6 (4+2=6.)
The subsection is 13, the number of deception.
Numbering important legislation with "6" and "13" is the way the beast marks its territory.
Notice has been given:
Man is deceiving you.
But only those who take notice can see it.
True Spirit-led Hebrews will avoid coming under the jurisdiction of 42 USC 666 and all other such beast statutes.