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Replacement theology- Israel and the Ekklesia

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Abraham's blood-descendants by the line of Isaac are still the people of the promise.
YHWH will keep the covenant with them that he made with Abraham, if they keep the covenant with him, that is, have faith in Him and His Son.
However, almost all of Abraham's blood-descendants didn't keep the covenant, so YHVH opened up the covenant to all people.
This is nothing new; one could be 'adopted' into Israel even before Yahushuah came. (Example: Ruth).
So either way, whether you're a descendant of Abraham or not, if you have faith in YHWH and His Son, you are an heir to all of the promises of YHWH.

In other words, there is really no such thing as the 'church', nor the nation of 'Israel', from a spiritual perspective... just the Ekklesia - the called out and 'assembled' people who trust in YHWH and His Messiah.

This is not the same thing as 'replacement theology,' which seems to have originated or have been promoted by Justin Martyr.

A number of Jewish sites name Justin Martyr as the father of anti-semitism.
Justin Martyr appears to have been a Greek convert who was anti-all-things-Jewish and is thought to have been guilty of disconnecting Christianity from it's Hebrew roots and the first teacher of 'replacement theology.'

Concerning the accusation of "deicide" - killing God - in his dialogue with Trypho the Jew, stated that the Jews should "rightly suffer", for they had "slain the Just One."
Wilson, M. Our Father Abraham, Wm.B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Michigan, 1989, p93

Replacement theology says the 'church' replaced Israel.

The truth is that the followers of YHWH and His Son constitute Israel (not just spiritual Israel) but actual Israel, those who rule as Elohim because the Eloah (YHVH) rules over them.

Much of the modern state of Israel today, like in the past (see the prophets for details) are apostate, fallen Israel, who say they are "people of the Name (Yahudim)" but are not the people of YHWH because they reject YAH's Son.
Church people may be even less the people of Yah because they claim to serve YHVH but they don't.
Doubly hypocritical.
No one who acts like that is the TRUE Israel; they are fire-fuel.