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How To Castrate Animals

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Why do we castrate animals?

Traditionally farmers or animal raisers do not castrate animals and both males and females are allowed to mix together.
The result is that poor males are allowed to mate with the females and the young stock produced are not very good.
Uncastrated males also fight so it is better to castrate the animals which are not the best for breeding.

When do we castrate animals?

The best time to castrate animals is when they are very young (a few days old).
If castration is carried out then, the operation is easier and more successful and the wound heals (gets better) very quickly.

Holding and controlling animals for castration

You will need another person to help you.
It is best to put young lambs and kids on a table covered with sacks.
Calves can be castrated when they are standing but the animal must be restrained very well.

Holding and controlling animals for castration

Castration with a knife (blood)

Use a very sharp knife, razor or scalpel.

� Check that the knife, razor or scalpel is very sharp and clean. Clean the blade with a disinfectant such as alcohol, iodine, Dettol or gentian violet.

� Use warm water and soap to wipe the scrotum and wash your hands.

� Cut the bottom end of the scrotum. Squeeze the testicle above the cut end of the scrotum and it will come out.

� Pull each testicle out as far as possible, twist the testicular cord around several times. Cut the cord in cattle and buffalo by scraping the knife slowly up and down. Pull to sever the cord in lambs and kids.

� Do not put your fingers inside the open scrotum. Put either tincture of iodine, gentian violet, Dettol or antibiotic powder (R1, R5, R8 Annex 1) on the wound.

Castration with Burdizzo (no blood)

The Burdizzo should be used on the young animal. There are Burdizzos for animals of different sizes. You should always remember that the Burdizzo is a valuable instrument and keep it clean and oiled. Do not drop it.

To castrate with the burdizzo:

� Feel the scrotum with your hand and you will feel the two rope-like testicular cords inside.

� Take the Burdizzo in your right hand and with your left hand push the cord to the side between the jaws of the Burdizzo and squeeze hard.

� Now take the Burdizzo in the left hand and crush the other cord.

Castration with Burdizzo

Castration with rubber rings

To castrate with rubber rings we use a tool called an elastrator. It can only be used to castrate ruminants which are a few days old.

� Put a rubber ring around the four teeth of the elastrator and squeeze the handle. The rubber ring will be stretched open.

� Pass the scrotum of the animal through the ring making sure that it goes over the two testicles.

� Release the elastrator and the rubber ring will tighten over the cords. After two weeks the scrotum will fall off

Castration with rubber rings

Check all animals which have been recently castrated for signs of infection.