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What is the Mark, Name, and Number of the Beast?

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One of the forms of the MARK is the symbol for the beast's money.
The dollar, yen, and euro are all variances of snake signs denoting 6 (as in 666).

The NAME of (not the Beast's name but the Name it gives you) the Beast is any name printed in ALL CAPS.
YOUR NAME, or state printed as, for instance, CA instead of California.
Look on any document that represents debt to the beast powers, and you will see your name spelled with all capital letters.

The number of the beast is the number that the beast assigns you.
In the federal U.S.A., this is a number assigned by the Social Security System (SSS =666). In Canada, this is a Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)

Note: While the above is correct, there are many other correct and interlocking interpretations of the above concepts. Totally understanding these issues requires a deep and comprehensive understanding of all facets of knowledge.